HANSA-FLEX features

With the introduction of the QM guide we break a new ground. Just to maintain a rough overview of its content: within the first and rather global chapter the HANSA-FLEX vision, the management and further general principles are introduced. The second part portrays the customer service in all regional subsidiaries together with the HANSA-FLEX specialists. Finally the third and last part of the QM guide resumes the organization of the company general headquarter.

¬†Our enhanced quality management system supports a structured and well-planned future growth of the company including the “generation next” issue within the management and it facilitates an integration of new departments and the introduction of new employees.¬†Thus the quality management system enables and supports an ideal organization in the head office as well as its subsidiaries and provides moreover a digital reference book for all employees. Customer care and fast product availability as well as individual and flexible tailored-to-suit business solutions however relating to this issue the company strongly emphasized the positive company development, especially within recent years.

  1. the engagement as well as the modular organist of our intern and on-site training courses
  2. the activities and the effectiveness of the auditor pool e.g. during the ongoing HANSA-FLEX audit the specialists could exchange information which again signifies a significant contribution to all company branches
  3. and finally the identification of the employee with the company’s philosophy
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