The significance of fluid technology is worldwide constantly increasing and so are the expectations of our HANSA-FLEX customers from all industrial sectors. HANSA-FLEX has become Europe’s leading company for all areas of hydraulics. The key factor in this success is system partnership. It is the breadth and depth of products and services available that make the company such a valued partner today. In a key technology like hydraulics, customers prefer solutions from a single source. Our extensive network of subsidiaries opens the door to HANSA-FLEX’s world of service to you. Our customers’ systems and machinery must run – safely, reliably and 24/7.

Availability plays the determining factor, down times are expensive. We do not compromise the protection of humans and the environment which is shown in the quality of our work. With ultimate perfection and fast availability of all our products and services we always try to maintain that high level of extensive responsibility – with good results: More benefits for our customers.


The importance of fluid technology is growing worldwide, and with it also the demands of over 125,000 HANSA-FLEX customers in all economic sectors and parts of the world. Our extensive responsibility does not only signify absolute perfection and a high quality standard but also fast availability of all of our products and performances any place at any time with one main target: Increased customer value. HANSA-FLEX is today Europe‘s leading system supplier in fluid technology and value adding partner for high-performance companies of any size.


Initiating in 1962 with entrepreneurial spirit and a green workbench in the garage of the company’s founder Joachim Armerding is today Europe‘s largest and highest performing range of connection elements and services in fluid technology. Leading “global players” of all economic sectors benefit from the worldwide operating system partnership network with HANSA-FLEX. Rising demands on hydraulics and growing dynamism in international competition show, that simply “placing capacities at disposal” no longer adequately ensures leadership. Our staff‘s qualification, thorough training of service personnel, continuous improvement of all products and processes and, last but not least, mobilization of all capacities determine our future.

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Our customers can count on worldwide product availability and our mobile service units including a thorough training of your employees. Our specialists represent the expertise of the entire HANSA-FLEX group which is based upon a worldwide network as well as an intensively supported know-how transfer within the group together with the preparedness of all partners to enhance performance and cut costs. The experiences and technical information from co-operations with more than 90.000 clients worldwide within almost every business sectors (such as the shipbuilding industry, aviation and aerospace technologies, construction industries or within agriculture and forestry) are systematically gathered, registered and are re-callable for every following order to help finding the ideal solution. Leadership in production and logistics of hydraulic connections within the fluid technologies is not just a comfortable status quo for us but rather a challenge for a intelligent and constant amelioration of our performance. The expertise of leading specialists is multiplied. We understand our services at HANSA-FLEX not to be a non-committal solitary business but a close and affiliated network of experienced specialists of various areas concerning the manufacturing and logistics for connection elements for the fluid technology. Via this sophisticated network our capacities including all performances are available from one source worldwide. That is our perception of synergy.

Reliable Partner
 HANSA-FLEX Hydraulikschläuche


Largest contractor in Europe for ready-to-install hydraulic hoses and hose lines as well as hydraulic connection components. A partner for more than 200 000 customers in all industry sectors worldwide. Leading in quality and service. A global network ensures 365 days a year and 24 hrs a day a quick delivery of all hose types and sizes.

HANSA-FLEX Metallschläuche GmbH
Prefinished metal and Teflon hoses as well as compensators and heatable metal hoses. Modern machinery, IT-supported warehouse keeping. Quality assurance system according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 to certify reliability and to guarantee quick consignment.
HANSA-FLEX Rohrbiegezentrum
Computer-controlled production and facsimile reproduction of bent precision steel tubes. Prototypes, unique makings, serial production and entire assemblies for individual application purpose.
FLEXPRESS Hydraulik Schnellservice
Mobile workshops for quick on-site support day and night. Call our service hotline free of charge: 0800 77 123 45. No complicated spare parts procurement, short down times, no additional costs.
HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik-Komponenten
Special warehouse with hydraulic components in proven HANSA-FLEX quality. The ideal supplementation to our basic assortment of hydraulic connection elements. Virtually every product procurable over night.
HANSA-FLEX Dichtungstechnik
Innovative center for the IT-supported production of precision sealings as well as plastic and aluminum swivel parts in almost every size. Same-day production and delivery of single parts.
HANSA-FLEX Schulungszentrum
On-site and external training courses about preventive maintenance concerning fluid technology. Theory and practical knowledge imparted by experts. A demanded and effective service for all companies and industry sectors.
SKODOCK Rohrelemente flexibel
Manufacturing of stainless steel strip wound interlock hoses and bellows, compensators and fittings for various pressure ranges.
Hy-Lok D
VA clamping ring connections in high quality.
WILLMANN Hydraulische Steuerungstechnik

K+S Hydraulik
Hydraulic valves, pumps, cylinders, and entire hydraulic plants.
 Our services are individual tailored-to suit solutions. Our approved position worldwide is constantly certified by all relevant institutions.
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