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Line engineering:
Pipe fittings 24° DIN 2353 / French series
Flare connections
Valves, Pipes, Adapters, Flanges, Fitting accessories

Mounting technology:
Pipe clamps, heavy & light series, twin pipe clamps
Light construction pipe clamps, Steel pipe clamps
Cable ties, Hose clips, Bandit clamps

Hose technology:
Hoses, Hose protection, Hose fittings, Hose mounts
Air conditioning, Safety engineering, Hose coding

Hydraulic components:
Pumps, Flow Divider, Hydraulic Motors, Valves, Accumulators, Oil Cooler, Tanks, Switches and Sensors, Filter, Vacuum-pumps, 700 BAR-Hydraulic, Cylinder and Components, Components for power packs, Electric motors

Metal Hoses:
Teflon Hoses
Hose protection

Couplings and Ball Valves Couplings:
Ball Valves (Low & High Pressure) 
Gate Valves

Sealing Technology:
O-rings, Bonded Washers
Bonded Crushed Washers
Sealing rings

Measuring Technology:
Measuring Systems, Pressure Gauge fittings, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Gauges with front ring mounting, Pressure Gauges with clamping ring mounting

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