Since the early 1960s, HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics has been Europe’s leading privately-owned supplier of hydraulic hosecouplingsfittingsadapters and hydraulic as well as pneumatic accessories. With over 400 branches worldwide, and growing, HANSA-FLEX is a leading global player of all economic sectors highly benefiting from our synergistic operating system. Our Canadian HANSA-FLEX location in Concord, Ontario, Canada is the main hub for all your hydraulics needs – spare parts, custom designed hose assemblies according to technical specification or, challenging new technical solutions can all be provided by an experienced team.

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Screw-on Couplings

Hydraulic Tubing

High & Low Pressure Ball Valves

Adapters of all type and style

As your partner for all hydraulic needs, HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada has been proud to serve North American customers for over 10 years. We provide high-quality custom hose assemblies from 2 millimeter-microbore to 76-millimeter 2-wire braid. From low pressure, to high pressure, we have a large variety of hoses that will suit your needs. Everything from low pressure, thermoplastic hoses, suction hoses, and even specialty hoses are available at HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada.

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HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada also offers the “X-Code” identification system for quick and easy hose production. A special alpha-numeric code gets tagged with the hose, identifying all features, products and specifications – it’s like giving a hose its own name! The tag is highly visible in yellow, and allows for customers who “X-Code” their hoses to quickly, and very easily, get replacements, duplications or even customize their hoses based on one that they already have.

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Along with hoses, HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada now also offers the design and production of bent tubing of all kinds. We are proud of our attention to detail and precision with our tubing projects. If you need advice, come to HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada and have our experts in tubing speak with you. All technical questions such as custom-made, prototyping, sampling, or drawings can be done at HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada. For identification, we also use the “X-CODE” system so that you can quickly and easily replace parts as needed.

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At HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada, our team is proud to be your partner in hydraulics. Come in to HANSA-FLEX Hydraulics Canada today or contact us to find out how we can help you, create the best solutions.