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Minimise costs with the right assembly
It's all about your success
In order to bestow a higher level of immunity and safety not only to your members of staff but also to your entire projects you should consider a proper assembly.
It is worth it. And reduces expenses.
An incorrect mounting of the hydraulic components in a system is the most common cause for leakages.
Most common errors:
  1. Insufficient material quality or a wrong material application
  2. Lack of expert knowledge and experience of employees when dealing with hydraulic technology and therefore
  3. improper installation
  1. machine downtimes cause consequential charges
  2. might entail hazardous effects on humans and our environment
  3. possible recourse claims impend
  4. demotivation of your members of staff
The assembly package deal
Don't lose crucial time
HANSA-FLEX offers an extensive service package deal with everything you need to meet even under toughest conditions your business requirements. Economically and reliably.
A service with system: the maximum demand for an operating process that goes off without a hitch, drastically reduced machine down times to cut costs and of course to protect humans and our environment.
As the leading spare parts supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic connection elements HANSA-FLEX combines the experience of 40 years within the field of fluid technology.
Benefit from our service!
Your assembly package deal reduces costs
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Spray cleaner
  1. HANSA-FLEX spray cleaner guarantees impeccable cleanliness of connection parts
  2. Easy application at the push of a button
Assembly paste
  1. HANSA-FLEX assembly paste
  2. diminishes the effects of fretting on threads
  3. conserves sealing surfaces
  4. approved product
  5. impeccable sealing of connection
  6. repetitive assembly also after years of intensive use feasible
Tempered / hardened pre-assembly connection
  1. high-grade tool steel
  2. enhanced hydrualic power transmission
  3. prerequisite for unobjectionable assembly
Intensive training
Proven HANSA-FLEX seminars impart optimal knowledge in prevention and maintenance.

  1. Practical training courses imparted by specialists
  2. Introduction of all relevant laws, regulations and standards
  3. Knowledge of respective components
  4. Avoidance of false assembly
  5. Trouble shooting within going concern
  6. Counscious handling within a rather sensitive and susceptible technology sector
  7. Enhance motivation
  8. On-site support and exchange of experience
Valuable technical information on the following issues:
  1. Minute assembly
  2. Tightening torque
  3. Mounting technology