Product Details

HANSA-FLEX couplings
are the integral parts within a conduction pipe (or hose) line connecting or separating single hose line elements or entire units. You can opt between an open or shut system (either with or without valve) respectively to its application purpose. The procedure can either be carried out by plugging-in or screwing-in the components or by the means of catches resulting in the following coupling types:

  1. Plug-in coupling
  2. Threaded connection coupling
  3. Tear-off coupling
  4. Pipeline coupling
  5. etc.
Under pressure exertion particular types can not only be coupled easily but they are also leakproof and absorb occuring vibrations within the hose line. (Please note respective compatibility before implementing.)
Regarding the actual purpose several criteria have to be differantiated and determined as eg the material (housing, surface/cover, sealings, interlock elements), the operating pressure (nominal pressure) and the temperature tolerances.
In order to prevent soiled contacts and sealings of the coupling and the entire fluid circuit we recommecnd dust protections, either as a flap, plug-in or a threaded version (dependant on type).
All standardised connexions allow a proper implementation into the hydraulic system.