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Hydraulic cylinder repair service: Your partner for all types
Reparing instead investing
Honing of a cylinder tube – enhanced contouring accuracy and high finish quality
Ideal operativenss – guaranteed!
Hydraulic cylinders are constantly subject to strains eg wear or galling. Either a new acquisition or a repair service has to resolve the problem.
HANSA-FLEX offers an attractive service: Instead of investing additional charges to implement a new hydraulic cylinder why not consider the option of getting it repaired?
That reduces not only your machine downtimes but cut additional costs.
HANSA-FLEX repairs all types and sizes of hydraulic cylinders, no matter what kind of direct damage. Our service technicians endeavour to find the ideal solutions to your individual business needs and realise it in proven HANSA-FLEX high quality standard.
We are aware of our responsibility.

  1. Replacement or the repair service of hydraulic components
  2. Special requests for sealings with diameters between Ø 5- 535 mm
  3. Honing of cylinder tubes Ø 25 and 500 mm
  4. Drilling
  5. Grinding of outer rims
  6. Chrome works
Individual taillored-to-suit precision seals for all cylinder types.
Intelligent technologies – various applications
Honing system
Honing is a metal cutting manufacturing process, optimising both shape and dimensional accuracy with high finish quality. This technology enables to process even extensive wear and tear damages.
Always the best results
Whether single components repair or entire replacements – Our intelligent business solutions and modern technologies enable a professional and reliable service to meet your individual business needs. Ranging from extensive groove removal to a custom-made bend piston rod we realise your requests at any time. And yet another considerable advantage is the aspect of combinig all of our repair services.
Intelligent business solutions for a reliable repair service. Milling, honing, grinding of outer rims with modern technology.
Seal manufacturing
No more idle time! Our specialised manufacturing center enables a fast and reliable re-productioning for sealings with a diameter between Ø 5 and 535 mm.
By combining the honing together with the manufacturing process it is feasible to repair even the most exceptional cylinder diameters and sizes. Just by adapting the seals to the maximum honing range in the productioning system.