Product Details

A system to cover the measurement category "pressure" with the dimensions BAR and PSI with the requested precision. Characterised by an impulse signal between point of measurement and display resulting in a direct pressure release.
This measuring device consists of the test port, the hose with the gauge connection and the pressure gauge with the respective accuracy class (Single part production and portable measuring set).
The test port is characterised through the suitable tap end and thread type with the individual sealing form as well as through the defined connexions for the pressure transmission in form of a plug-in connection with threads in the following sizes:
M 12 x 1,5; M 16 x 1,5 and M 16 x 2.
The hydraulic hose (hose for high pressure application range) serves for the transmission of the (hydraulic) fluid by signal "pressure" given from the test port via the gauge connection to the pressure gauge. The measuring hose consists of the above mentioned connection types and defined lengths.
The gauge connection is characterised by its following features:

  1. accuracy classes
  2. with/ without attenuation
  3. different displays (excess and negative pressure)
  4. various diameters for the display
  5. various connexions threads and their positions
  6. various assembly methods