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SAE high pressure flange
HANSA-FLEX approves flanges according to the following standards:

  1. standard for SAE flange: SAE J 518 C, ISO 6162
  2. standard for CETOP flange: CETOP RP 63H
  3. standard for square flange: ISO/DIS 6164
All flange connections are bright steel standard versions with corrosion protection. The utilised materials for the different flange connection types are listed in the catalogue for each product group. Optionally and in the manufacturers discretion different materials can partly be used. The flange connections can be delivered optionally with complete mountings (set of bolts and sealing ring).
All pressure indications require a temperature application between -20° C and + 90° C. Outside this temperature range the physical properties of the material are affected leading to a decrease of the operating pressure.
Please note the pressure indication before initial operation. Maximum working pressure refer exclusively to the flange connections. For any other components such as the implemented tubes and hoses, the fittings and couplings etc. the respective pressure indications of the manufacturers have to be taken into account.
All HANSA-FLEX flange connections seal with a round type sealing form. The sealings delivered from HANSA-FLEX are alternatively also available in NBR (=acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) hardness 90 shore (standard) or Viton hardness 85- 90 shore (by request). For the installation of the flanges we recommend the following tube types:

  1. precision steel tubes according to DIN 2391, grade C
  2. bright annealed (NBK) and seamless bright-drawn material: ST 37-4 or ST 52-4
  3. seamless boiler tubes according to DIN 2441, 1 and 2 of St 37-4 and St 52-4
  4. tubes according to ASA B36-10