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Metal hoses
HANSA-FLEX Metallschläuche GmbH
Already since 1980 the HANSA FLEX Metallschläuche GmbH is an efficient supplier for metal and teflon ready-to-install systems as well as for compensators and heatable tubes.
With competent employees, modern machineries, extensive IT supported and computer navigated stock keeping we ensure a high quality standard to all our customers worldwide.

Metal hoses developed through their broad application range to an indispensable construction element.
The parallel corrugated hose conquered a vast application range e.g. within chemical industries, aerospace technologies, vacuum applications, medical science, heating as well as building services engineering, shipbuilding, utilities and power supplies etc.
Seamless and longitudinal seam welded, parallel coiled, single and double walled
Concession for gases according to DIN 3384
Approved hose line manufacturer
Concession for welding works railway tracks according toDIN 6700-2
Auditing of procedures in dependence on DIN 2827 for foods and chemistry, certificated through Universität Weihenstephan in Munich
Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2000
The compensator equalises occuring vibrations wihtin the hose line developed by extraneous causes such as cold, heat, pressure loads or also inaccurate assembling. The expansion joints come in axial, lateral and angular ball and socket and universal expansion joints.
Axial, lateral, angular, ball joints and universal compensators
Coiled hoses
Strip wound hoses have conquered a broad application range likewise the metal hoses, especially wihtin the exhaust and conveying engineering: automotive engineering, for granulate material, corn, sugar and similar products.
As a protective hose they limit the bending radii of stainless steel corrugated hoses, rubber and PTFE hoses or serve as core of stainless steel corrugated hoses or as well as protection against electric charges.
Profiled metal tapes, wound
PTFE hoses
The material PTFE conquered a sheer endless appliaction range due to its outstanding physical and chemical properties. To this account it is chosen as a material for modern hose line production. It is being utilised within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries where the application of conventional materials is not feasible.
HANSA-FLEX is the first enterprise that has received an approval from Germanische Lloyd for the application of PTFE hoses within the shipbuilding industry.
Coiled and smooth version
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