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Mounting parts for a leak-proof sealing
How to avoid even the slightest risk
Insufficient mounting parts or systems for hydraulic plants and units might entail certain assembly problems and additional costs.
Most frequent risks hereby:

  1. Inferior material quality
  2. Underetimation of extreme weather influences
  3. Wrong handling with materials and misinterpretation of mounting techniques
Don't risk preventible disadvantages:

  1. Machine downtimes and additional charges
  2. Hazard for humans and our environment
  3. Impending recourse claims
Chose a partner who not only assures a reliable high quality standard and excellent services but who also excludes all risks right from the start. Without comprimise.
The demand defines our high quality standard
As an expert within the fluid technology we are constantly aware of our responsibility. We developed through our experience in this field a broadly-facetted programme for sealings, gaskets and auxiliaries to suit your individual business needs.
A service with system: the maximum demand for an operating process that goes off without a hitch, drastically reduced machine down times to cut costs and assures the safety of humans and our environment.
As the leading spare parts supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic connection elements HANSA-FLEX combines the experience of 40 years within the field of fluid technology.
Benefit from our services!
The service package for mounting parts
First class products: Prestressed HANSA-FLEX clamps
HANSA-FLEX clamps and entire systems

  1. Light and heavy version
  2. Different material types
  3. Longevity and a high quality standard
HANSA-FLEX clamps with no prestress:

  1. Ideal choice for outdoor applications
  2. Expansions of the hydraulic tubes and hoses is reliably compensated
  3. Tear-off prevention even under extreme weather conditions
Intensive training
Our broad application range together with our approved personnel training schemes offer a complement business solution. Specialised training for you individual prevention and maintenance performance imparted by experts:

  1. Practical training imparted by experienced specialists from our training department
  2. The intermediation of all respective laws, regulations, standards as well as pertinent indications of the manufacturer
  3. Broaden the knowledge of hydraulic components
  4. Prevention of incorrect mounting
  5. Error prevention during daily operational service
  6. Conscious handling with a sensitive operating area
  7. On-site support and exchange of experiences
Valuable technical information
Our catalogue is a proven guideline for a day-to-days use within the working field of hydraulics and pneumatics. Extensive information on the:

  1. Correct assembly
  2. Tightening torques
  3. Mounting parts