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Hydraulic components: free of grease and silicone
Quick and available on a short-time basis: hydrocarbon purification
A new dimension
In several industry sectors the implemented hydraulic components are bound to be absolutely free of silicone and grease.
100% cleanliness is a prerequisite eg within the automotive engineering where a soiled component might lead to complications in the varnishing systems. The consequence: preventible reclamations.
Through this carbon hybride purification process HANSA-FLEX developed an innovative method which guarantees maximum cleanliness after treatment.
With the corporate acquisition of the especially developed washing plant in Boffzen/ Höxter this service is nationwide in Germany quasi unique. This service is indispensable not only for all HANSA-FLEX branches and clients nationally and internationally but of course also available for external companies.
  Large purification chamber: two tanks with 800 litres carbon hybride each as purification medium.
  SPS navigated purification process.
All parameters can of course be adjusted to the current product.
  An electrical steam generator ensures a constant operating temperature of the washing plant. A water-softening plant has especially been installed to ensure an ideal occupational safety.
An innovative service – not only for HANSA-FLEX customers
Hose materials of all types as well as fittings and metal parts can be defecated with this technology and are dry-clean after treatment. Through the application of carbon hybride all laquer repellant mediums such as silicone or grease are removed completely from the material surface.
A particular adapter system integrated in the plant enables a purification of metal hoses with varying diameters (clean, degrease and dessicate).
The washing plant is equipped with a destillation appliance which permanently processes the soiled purification medium. By this means we are able to assure a constant high purification quality and coinstantaneously the amount of recyclable industrial waste is reduced significantly.
An ideal process combining economical with ecological aspects.
Based in Boffzen
Irrelevant whether you are already a HANSA-FLEX customer or not: In any case you can of course benefit of the professional purification technology for soiled hydraulic components. With a bunch of advantages: the components are absolutely free of silicone and grease after treatment . That saves your company from eventual losses of earnings and reclamations. Increase your productivity and cut down on costs.
Hydraulic components from HANSA-FLEX are 100% immaculate and invigorate sustainably our customers market position. You can rely on our fast and substantial service, available also on a short-term basis. Every order is being carried out straight away to ensure our customers a fast access to the hydraulic components eg for resale or in-house application purposes.
Please don't hesitate to contact our HANSA-FLEX team in Boffzen or any other branch for further information.
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