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Sealing Technology
Problems with the correct sealing? Immediate support.
Computer assisted production facilities
With the new SEAL-MASTER we were able to enhance the capacity and the technical knowledge of computer aided producing of precision gaskets as well as plastic and aluminium swivel parts of 5 – 535 mm.
Special designs and standard profiles up to 2.000 mm on demand can be manufactured immediately.
SEAL-FLEX manufacturing center in Eisenberg
Prepared for any customer service on demand
The advantage for this production series: For the SEAL-MASTER production of individual gaskets and sealings no form is required. The computer-operated production guarantees the highest precision in converting the input data. More than 100 pre-assigned standard profiles can be stored and recalled at any time individually for each specific customer request.
Moreover several thousand data records of gaskets and sealings are stored in the database additonally which is a reliable and fast way to produce directly at the push of a button.
Our currently updated semi-finished product stock for all prevalent sealing materials enables a variety of sealing profiles that can be manufactured on demand.

  1. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPU red, HPU red)
  2. Elastomer (NBR black, NBR white, H-NBR green, FPM brown, EPDM black, MVQ blue)
  3. Polytetrafluoroethylene plastomer (PTFE pure white, PTFE MoS2 gray, PTFE bronze 40% + 60%, PTFE carbon, PTFE graphite)
  4. Polyacetal (POM) copolymer polyamid (POM white, PA ecrou)
  5. all additional types
SEAL-FLEX semi-finished product stock
Highest precision for sealingsr
and swivel parts from
5 up to 535 mm