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Bent precision steel tubes
Small quantities or batch production – high quality with innovative scanner technology
HANSA-FLEX processes precision steel tubes for the requested connections for an application within the hydraulic and pneumatic technologies.
HANSA-FLEX utilises a scanner technology interlinked with an IT controlled tube bending system in order to create a geometrically true reproduction with outstanding performance and precision.
    The precision steel tubes
  Simply supply a sample tube, the scanner automatically records the dimensions and transfers the data to the tube bending machine which within seconds molds a new tube into shape.
    The three possibilities
  For the digital data gathering there are three options available: 3D scan of a sample tube, via CAD data or drawings.
    The data collection
  Our digital data acquisition of sample tubes enables a reproduction with outstanding precision.
    Precsion steel tubes – small quantities as precise as batch productions
  With the new data pool obtained via our scanner technology it is feasible to produce unique as well as small or large serial productions with high quality standard.
Those times of unprecise visual judgement and routine determining the quality of the end product are finally over.
We are aware of our responsibility.
Additionally to the reproduction according to used or sample tubes it is of course also possible to manufacture according to any other specifications whether from data format for MS-DOS/Windows, drawings, a list with specific measurements or simply requested by phone.
No matter how you transfer your information, the computer-navigated and controlled manufacturing processes meet the HANSA-FLEX standard.
Thus we're able to help you gaining within the stage of peliminary model productioning that crucial head start.
    The ultimate perfection
  Computer-controlled bending machines mold the tubes (with over 20 feet length) within seconds into shape.
    The bending machine
  Our computer-controlled bending machines molds the tubes (with over 20 feet length) within seconds into shape.
    The inspection
  Elaborate professionalism en detail:
Just before delivery every single tube is being cleaned interiorly and "corked".
    The customer requirement
  On request the bent tubes can also be pre-assembled for individual applications.
    The tubes
  Hydraulic precision conducting tubes, bonderised and lubricated or galvanised, yellow passivated (DIN A 3 C) on demand also white galvanised.
Stainless steel tubes, material designation 1.4301 and 1.4571 (V 2 A and V 4 A), outer diameter 4,75 mm – 50 mm, wall thickness 0,7 – 6 mm
    The connections
  – Cutting ring connections
– Flange connections F and E for brake hose
– Soldered joint or beading for a secure implementation of clamps
– Triple-Lok 37º and O-Lok 90º flange
    The specifications
  – Used or sample tubes
– Drawing or list with specific measurements
– Data medium for MS-DOS/Windows
– Bending radius up to 2xD, miscalculation factor of 0,3 mm upon total length
    Always at your disposal
  After manufacturing we optionally file your data and are therefore able to run the next production simply from file on call and at any time. Our optimisation programme for the warehouse keeping as well as our sophisticated logistics ensure high flexibility as well as short delivery times and avoid any bottle-necks. Guaranteed.
In order to enhance your production volume HANSA-FLEX can dispatch entire pre-assembled units whereas not solely tube configurations but also combinations of tubes and hoses can of course be regenerated.
    Your advantages at a glance
  It is our ultimate target to meet our customers requirements.
Of course we give personal advise and provide technical support. Our quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9002 is your guarantee for our high quality standard and outstanding performance.
Bent precision steel tubes in large or small quantities for every individual application range. Please refer to any HANSA-FLEX branch – just give us a ring or drop us a line.
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