Reliable, unique and fast

The HANSA-FLEX X-CODE has served as a highly effective tool for obtaining spare parts for a good ten years now. The alphanumeric code identifies all product features associated with hydraulic connecting elements as distinctively as a fingerprint. The label bearing the X-CODE is applied prominently and permanently to the hose line and so enables our customers to obtain the spare parts they need efficiently and unmistakably – through any HANSA-FLEX branch in the world.

Identification at the press of a button

We identify your spare part almost as soon as you provide us with the X-CODE. This is then produced at the closest branch and is ready for collection just a few minutes later. Upon request, we can also deliver the replacement hose line directly to the customer – in the specified quality, without delay and no mistakes.

Immediate assistance in an emergency

The Rapid Hydraulic Service will come to you in the form of a workshop on wheels – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Order the spare part using the X-CODE and request the Rapid Hydraulic Service at the same time, it all happens very quickly after that.

The precise specification of the hose line in the X-CODE is decoded and passed to the service technician. The replacement part can then be produced at the closest branch to him, based on his location. If this does not save time, he drives straight to the installation location and produces the hose line in his vehicle at the site so that it can be fitted in the machine immediately. That is how easy repairs can be!

Hose line management at a glance

The X-CODE is the perfect tool for our customers to manage and organise all of their hose lines. We can right away see how long each individual hose line has been in service at a glance. The hose lines are listed, classified and identified in the customer’s personal database. Consequently, for example, inspection and maintenance intervals can be scheduled reliably in advance. Dates for inspection and maintenance are integrated in the company’s existing processes so as to ensure that production is not interrupted. Preventative maintenance could not be scheduled more efficiently.

A summary of the advantages

  • Unmistakable identification at the press of a button
  • Replacement parts with a phone call
  • Rapid delivery
  • Subsequent coding upon request
  • Preventative hose line management